Features For Sharing Gmail Contacts | GmailSharedContacts

Simple features for sharing your Gmail contacts

Shared Contacts for Gmail®’s features include:

  • Unlimited sharing capabilities of address books across different Google domains
  • Manageable permissions for users: Users can create, update or delete shared contacts according to assigned permission.
  • Mobile, tablet and Outlook shared contact synchronization.
  • Seamless Integration: your shared contacts will appear directly in the users’ Google Contact Manager.

Share contacts with one click

Sharing contacts is an essential feature in collaborative organizations. Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows you to share your contacts with specific Google users or user groups.

Manage permissions

Keep your address books safe by delegating permissions (“Read Only”, “Can Edit”, or “Can Delete”) for each user or user group.

Seamless integration with Gmail

Shared Contacts for Gmail® integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and allows users to add/update shared contacts directly from Gmail, making it fast, simple and intuitive to share contacts with co-workers.

Mobile/Tablet and Outlook Sync

Every update is automatically synchronized with Outlook and all devices (mobiles and tablets).

Video Tour

Watch the demo and discover how to share your contacts in a few simple steps!