How to Share Android and Google Contacts?

Google Contacts doesn’t have a feature that allows users to share your contacts. The “delegate” function is close but not quite. As delegates have access to your contact list, they also have access to your inbox, something that is entirely different from just sharing a contact list. Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a solution for how to share contacts. 

1. Install Shared Contacts for Gmail® from Google Play Store, Google Workspace Marketplace, Apple App Store, your preferred app dealer, or from this website by clicking the red button text “Start Free Trial”. Give the app permission to access your contacts.

2. Open Shared Contacts for Gmail®. You can access it as an app on your Android or iOS devices, as a Google Chrome extension, or as a plug-in for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, or Workspace. 

how to share my google or android contacts - shared contacts for gmail loading page

3. Once you have opened the app, simply click on the  “share” (enter image description here) icon beside the label you want to share. You can share your whole contact list or just a set of particular contacts you can put in a label. 

how to share my google or android contacts - shared contacts for gmail share icon

4. Type in the email address of the person you want to share the label with. You may also share the contacts with groups.

5. Ensure that the other person is also signed up for Shared Contacts for Gmail®. As soon as they have installed the app, the shared contacts will instantly appear in their contact list. The shared contacts will even appear in autocomplete on the recipient field of their messaging platform.

Now, you and your team can now enjoy the shared contacts.

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