How To Share Contacts With A Large Number Of Users

Sharing contacts with a large number of users can be a tedious task because;

  • We need to enter the users one by one
  • Large organizations often have turnover and it forces the contacts owners to continuously share contacts with new users and remove the departed users from their sharing settings, which make the system heavy to maintain.

Shared Contacts for Gmail has the solution, Sharing with domain groups instead of individual users.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these steps below to learn how to share with a domain group:

  1. Log into Google Admin console

  2. Click onto ‘Groups’

    adim console

  3. Click ‘Create group’

    create new domain group

  4. Follow all steps in creating a new domain group, for example we are creating a Marketing group.

    To set up group settings and access allowance click ‘Next’ and follow the instructions to complete group set-up.
    Domain marketing group

  5. Log into Share Contacts for Gmail® and share a label with the domain group you just created by clicking on the ‘Share’ icon of a label and entering the domain group as a collaborator.

    To see how to create and share a label click here.
    sharing domain group with a label

  6. When someone leaves the Marketing department, access Google Admin and remove that member from the domain group.

    how to remove members

  7. When someone joins the marketing department, add a new user to this domain group from the Google Admin console, and NOT from Shared Contacts for Gmail®.

    Add members to group

  8. The contacts lists get automatically shared/unshared with these users when any editions are made to the contact label from Shared Contacts for Gmail®.

How to see who is in a group?

From Shared Contacts for Gmail® app

To view the members of a domain group within Shared Contacts for Gmail® simply click on the shared icon of a label > Click ‘Group Members’.

From Gmail

To view the participants of a domain group within Gmail, you will first need to download the Shared Contacts for Gmail Add-On from Google Workspace Marketplace. This Add-on gives Gmail users a side-bar which contains all email recipient and sender contact information of the email they are currently viewing.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to view all email as well as group domain participants by using this add-on.

Shared Contact for Gmail Add-On

From Google Contacts

To view the members of a domain group in Google Contacts, simply click on the ‘share’ icon of a label > Click the domain group’s icon/avatar to view all group participants.

Its that easy! Now you will always know who you are leasing with by seeing who is in those domain groups!

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