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Flower & Fendler Homebuilders

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the simplest solution for sharing your contact groups with any Gmail or Google user.The app is seamlessly integrated to Gmail and is supported on mobile phones/ tablets & Microsoft Outlook.


Flower & Fendler Custom Homebuilders, is a company dedicated to provide the best homebuilding experience in the St. Louis County area. Flower & Fendler has been building new homes in St. Louis since 2008. Sean Flower and Don Fendler have over 30 years experience in the St. Louis new home industry.
The company has several employees and branches, including St. Louis County, Ballwin, Eureka, Fenton, Pacific, Columbia & Illinois. They needed to have all contact information for all their staff and their clients updated.


Flower & Fendler had partial contact information for employees, customers, and trade partners in their separate individual contacts.
It is very hard to keep track of all contact information when the organization is big, and include several departments. Additionally, in order to maintain each contact directory was time consuming.


Sean wanted to find a solution that was easy to implement and that didn’t require third party tools for Google. He decided to install Shared Contacts for Gmail® who additionally to what he needed to do, had automatic synchronization across multiple mobile devices.


“…This application allows us to consolidate all important contact information in one place, make sure all employees have the appropriate contact information and editing rights, and in addition to do it in a ‘user friendly’ format that adjusts to each users’ mobile device. Huge time saver, easy to use and setup!”- Sean Flower, CEO