T-Mobile | Shared Contacts for Gmail®



T-Mobile Business provides companies with Hosted Mobility Management Services. Their turnkey MDM solution can manage licensing, installation, mobile-policy configuration, and ongoing user support as an extension of enterprise IT departments. T-Mobile HMMS is available via a cloud-based or on-premises (virtual cloud) platform.

However, no contact sharing or contact sync access control is provided in the current solution.


T-Mobile is looking for a solution that would allow customers to sync a centralized contact list on a number of different mobile devices. In some cases, these mobile devices are deployed with limited or no access to consumer applications, so the solutions would need to work on the devices native Contacts Manager and prevent the end users from syncing data back to the central contact list.


Google Apps Experts proposed a simple solution to address these needs. Using Shared Contacts for Gmail®, customers using Google Apps can create and manage a centralized contact list and have it synced to as many devices as they need. User permissions would then be set so that the end users would never be able to add/edit/delete information from the central list with their devices.

»Shared Contacts for Gmail® helped the users of our customers access a shared contact list with different access permissions from their Android devices. Some users could add/update shared contacts, others had only read permissions. This control over contacts on Android phones was something no MDM solution on the market could offer, besides Google Apps + Shared Contacts for Gmail® », Anthony C. De Matteo Solutions Engineer | T-Mobile