Is it Safe to Share My Contacts?

It is safe to share contacts when you do it through a secure channel and with trusted individuals. Otherwise, it can be a disaster. Unauthorized access to your contact list may lead to phishing activities that open the window for more fraud. In addition, you may have an extensive client list that you don’t want your competitors to have access to. Hence, caution must be exercised when sharing your contacts.

sharing contacts can be safe if you use Shared Contacts for Gmail

How can I safely share my contacts?

Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows you to easily yet securely share your contacts. This app enables you to share your contacts like you share Google Docs wherein access permissions are needed to be set. Hence, you can choose the activities the other parties can do with your contacts- whether be for view only, can edit, can delete, or can re-share. 

Moreover, it is GDPR and CCPA-compliant software. It underwent stringent assessments and processes to ensure the data privacy and security of the clients. 

Read: Shared Contacts for Gmail® Security and Privacy Policies

Which is better: contact sharing or delegating?

Google Contacts Delegate feature gives other people to access your updated contact list as well as your Gmail inbox. This is ideal for managers and C-executives who have a personal secretary to handle everything. 

However, delegates can read, send, and delete your email messages. This may not be the advisable option when you only want to share the updated contact list as in most cases. 

Sharing contacts through Shared Contacts for Gmail®, on the other hand, lets you and your team enjoy a common contact database without invading anyone’s Gmail account. The owner of the contact list can set permissions as to how the rest of the team can use it. 

When you share your contacts, you and your team no longer need to exchange .csv files of client numbers. No more constant messaging regarding updates of the client’s phone number or the new vendor’s email address. 

The shared contacts appear in autocomplete on the recipient field of the usual messaging platforms. Their names will also appear in your phone’s caller ID. All these and more without having to save their number in your contact list. 


It is safe to share your contacts only with the right people when you use the right tool. Use Shared Contacts for Gmail® for your contact-sharing needs and more. Read about it in these articles:

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