How to free up or reduce your licenses

Shared Contacts for Gmail users can easily free up licenses by removing additional collaborators. If our users prefer not to remove collaborators, they can upgrade their subscription plan by visiting our pricing page, or by going to “Subscriptions” on your Shared Contacts for Gmail dashboard when logging in.

If our users work habits have changed, and they no longer require as many licenses as they have bought, Shared Contacts for Gmail has you covered.. Just email our support with how many licenses you actually require and we will do the rest!

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these simple steps to free up a license from one user and transfer it to another:

  1. Sign into your Shared Contacts for Gmail account

    Click on the “Sign in with Google” button on the top.

    Sign in to your Shared Contacts Manager on Shared Contacts for Gmail

  2. Click on the share icon to add a collaborator

    Click on the share icon to add a collaborator to share a label

  3. Enter the individuals or domain groups you would like to add as collaborators, and click “Share”.

    You may set users access permission status in by clicking on the downward facing arrow next to ‘View only’

    add collaborators and set access permissions for shared contacts

  4. As you can see, the user does not have enough licenses to add a new collaborator.

    Your choices are now to either ‘Add more licenses’ or follow the rest of the steps to remove un-used licenses from users.

    user does not have enough licenses to add a new collaborator to a shared label

  5. You are going to remove a collaborator from any shared label, in order to free up a license, by clicking the bin icon for a different chosen user. Hit “Save changes” once you are happy.

    Since each collaborator is assigned to a license, by removing a collaborator, you are re-gaining a license.

    Remove collaborator to free up a license

  6. As you can see by the green tick under “status”, the contact list is now successfully shared.

    You have now freed up an un-used licenses like a pro!

    Green tick shows contact list is successfully shared with teammates


Why are my old users still holding licenses?

It is likely that the old users were suspended or deleted from the customer’s Google Workspace admin console prior to the admin unsharing contact labels first. To fix this, simply launch Shared Contacts and unshare the old users.

You have unshared a label, but the old user is still holding a license?

Contact support.

And that is how you can easily free up a license in your Shared Contacts for Gmail® account.

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