Sync the Contacts That are on Two Google Accounts

You can sync the contacts on two (or more) different Google accounts.

However, Google Contacts does not offer this feature. What Google does is it automatically syncs the contacts of multiple accounts signed in to the same device. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to sync the contacts that are on two or more Google accounts from different devices. 

Hence, you have to use Shared Contacts for Gmail® in order to do so. 

How does Shared Contacts for Gmail® synchronize your Google contacts?

Manually updating the contact database can be prone to errors and duplications. Importing/exporting a contact list through a .csv file periodically can be tiresome. This is even more tedious if you have to do it with multiple accounts you want to have a synchronized contact list. 

Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows you to share contacts like you share Google Docs. You can set the permissions on how the other parties will access the list. They can basically have “View Only” access wherein they can only use the contacts for sending out emails and other communications but are not able to edit any information or delete it altogether.

Like Google Docs as well, you may share it with people who can edit it. The permission “Can Edit” allows those accounts that you’ve shared the label with to add more entries to the list. They can also update the contact information regarding an individual contact. Other permissions available are “Can Delete”, and “Can Reshare”.

Read more about permissions: Permission Management 101 

How do I know the sync worked?

The shared contacts will now appear in autocomplete at the recipient field of integrated messaging platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, even SMS, and more. You would be able to enjoy the whole shared directory without having to copy/paste a single number. 

The synchronization is almost instantaneous as well. Any changes made by the original owner will be reflected in anyone who has access to his shared list. So, if he deleted a contact or changed the email address of one person, all the other synced accounts will immediately be updated. No more need to worry about co-workers not getting the memo of the contact info changes of a client or vendor. 


Shared Contacts for Gmail® offers more than contact information sharing. It also allows you to comment directly on the contact entry. Thus sharing important and useful details regarding the contact is possible. This can help the team gather more knowledge about the contact beyond their phone number and assigned department. Hence, a better tone can be set. 

Read more of these articles on how Shared Contacts for Gmail® can benefit you!

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