Introducing Instant Synchronization for Shared Contacts for Gmail®

In this age of information, almost everything goes fast-paced. Technology played a big role in this environment. Data exchange tops the rank in the area where speed is the game. To keep up with this, Shared Contacts for Gmail® upgraded the app to have instant synchronization of the shared contacts.

Other contact management apps take four (4) up to 48 hours before the updated synch occurs. This can be problematic for those who depend on dynamic collaborations.

Prompt information exchange

Take, for example, marketing personnel on the field getting sign-ups for a new product. He is entering contacts on his phone throughout the day. Through the instant synch of Shared Contacts for Gmail®, the sales team can readily send the apt promotional materials based on the notes on the comment feature of the app. 

Both parties no longer have to wait for hours or worse, days, to forward the contacts. No need to re-input the contact details as well. Thanks to the instant sync, the sales team can strike whilst the iron is hot so as not to miss selling opportunities.

Moreover, instant synchronization also benefits other inter-department contact management needs. Let’s take a look at another situation. The IT department changed their numbers. With instant synchronization, anyone from the company can call the new number immediately.

So, no worries about missing the internal memo on the updated contact details. Shared Contacts for Gmail® makes the changes smooth. Everyone gets the updated numbers right into their phonebook. Hence, no one will mistakenly connect through the old IT department number. This makes it seems that the IT department did not change their numbers at all.

Seamless update

As mentioned earlier, instant synchronization can make it seem that the numbers weren’t updated. This happens because the changes are directly on the phonebook. It eliminates the need for pesky updates prompted to the users. There would also be one less email received just to be deleted immediately.

However, should the admin feel that it is imperative that the update on contact information is known, he can simply tag the users in the comment section on the contact. 

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More efficient contact management

Calling an old number that doesn’t work anymore both wastes time and effort. Furthermore, resources are exhausted in finding the email or memo regarding the new number as well. Additionally, you may have to manually change the contact details on your address book. 

The instant synchronization feature of Shared Contacts for Gmail® gets rid of the above-mentioned frills. Correspondingly, duplicate entries (one for the old number and the other for the new number) are avoided.

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An advantage over other contact management apps

Shared Contacts for Gmail® utilizes a detection system. The app ensures that whenever a user makes some updates about a contact, the detectors will be triggered. Then, the app will propagate the changes immediately to everyone who was given access to that contact. 

Other apps are simply polling. They just poll every 24 hours, and some even up to 72 hours the contacts of everyone in the company to check which one has been updated. Afterward, they propagate the update if there were some changes made. This creates huge lags in information exchange. In turn, this may immobilize the business from functioning smoothly.

Conclusion about instant synchronization of the shared contacts

Shared Contacts for Gmail® addresses the frustration of customers regarding the delays in synchronization. Through this instant synchronization feature, users can now immediately access the updated contact details of the shared contacts. Be it in their Gmail, Google Drive, mobile phone, and in hundreds of other messaging channels. 

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