Is Unlimited Time for Contact Recovery Important?

“Why do we need that extra feature?”

“Does it really bring additional value?”

“I’ve deleted the contact, why do I need recovery?”

Shared Contacts for Gmail© offers unlimited backup of deleted contacts for Corporate accounts. That means you can restore an unrestricted number of contacts after an infinite number of days when it has been erased from the contact list. 

Customers are one of the foundations of a business. Their contact details and other information accumulated throughout the time you made deals with them are invaluable assets. Furthermore, data backup is akin to property insurance- you pay for it upfront without getting tangible value in real time but would be so glad to have it when disaster strikes.

“Why do we need that extra feature?”

As mentioned earlier, data backup is similar to property insurance. Untoward incidents may happen to your data just like accidents in your house or car. Cons just like accidents as well, you never tell when it’ll happen. Things like:

  • Cyber attacks and ransomware
  • Deliberate company sabotage by a disgruntled employee
  • Force majeure that happened in your location

However, knowing that you can recover your data regardless of what happens gives you peace of mind over at least one aspect of your business.

“Does it really bring additional value?”

Aside from peace of mind, having a data backup and recovery plan gives you a competitive gain. One of the most infamous data losses happened in 2016 when Salesforce users suffered 5 hours’ worth of data loss

Salesforce was able to recover from this disaster as they are one of the top CRMs nowadays. The incident could have been their driving force to ensure it would never happen again. However, it would not be an advisable path to take as your competitors can point out that you’ve made that mistake once, there’s a possibility that it might recur. 

“I’ve deleted the contact, why do I need recovery?”

Yes, it’s not a problem when you intently delete data. The problem arises when you accidentally erased a contact for whatsoever reason. Human errors are inevitable. As many as 56% of those surveyed admit they’ve accidentally deleted files hosted in the cloud.

The unlimited recovery time feature gives a big relief knowing that even if the deletion was discovered late, it can still be retrieved. No need to pay a specialist for hardcore data recovery as well.

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