How To Solve ‘Contact Limit Reached’ Quota In Google Contacts

If you have reached your Google contacts storage quota while adding a new contact, Google will advice you that you have reached your contact limit by displaying a prompt.. this means that you will have to remove your old, or unused contacts, from your account to free up some space..

Google Contacts has five limits for all accounts, these limits are:

  • Maximum of 25000 contacts
  • Total storage space of 20 MB
  • 128 KB of storage for each contact
  • Maximum of 500 fields per contact (like full name is one field)
  • Maximum of 1024 characters in each field

Time needed: 2 minutes.

In order to delete these unwanted contacts and free up some space to add new contact in your Google account, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Select all the unwanted contacts that you would like to remove from your Google Contacts.

    selecting google contacts to remove

  2. On the top bar, click on the icon having three dots and click on ‘Delete’.


  3. Now, go to the tab called ‘Other Contacts’, because Google also stores some contacts in here and they also take some space. 

    Select all the contacts in Other Contacts (or you can choose to keep some which are important for you) and delete them.
    'Other' contacts

  4. Next, go to the ‘Trash’, found on the left hand panel in your Google Contacts screen. This step is very important because Google does not permanently delete the contacts and keeps them in Trash for 30 days, unless you delete the contacts from the Trash as well. 


  5. You will see all of your deleted contacts here. Select one and go to the Selection Action button appearing on the top bar and select ‘All’.

    delete forever

  6. Once selected, click on Delete Forever and select the same option in the pop-up again.

    permanently delete contacts

Now you have successfully freed up some space in your Google Contacts to add new contacts.

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