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How To Send Multiple Emails At Once With Flashissue

At Shared Contacts for Gmail®, we are delighted to showcase other products that you can use within your google workspace to increase productivity and usability even more. We particularly love these products when they are as helpful as Shared Contacts for Gmail® when improving what’s possible within google apps.

For this reason, we are eager to highlight Flashissue, which is a plug-in that allows you to design and send personalized emails from within your Gmail. It’s a tool to send emails in bulk. This functionality is often referred to as mail merge. 

Flashissue allows you to concentrate on what you do well but market it professionally to a large audience at scale. There is no need to go to an outside product and then import your contacts or create a mail merge sheet. 

You no longer need to train staff on a new interface. If an employee knows how to use Gmail, which almost everybody does these days, they’ll learn how to use a Gmail newsletter product such as Flashissue. Flashissue is easy and intuitive, which in our opinion, precisely what a Gmail plug-in should be!

Simple ‘Drag and Drop’ Editor 

Perhaps the key consideration for organizations without designers on staff is the ‘Drag and Drop’ feature. With Flashissue, you don’t have to spend hours making your email look how you want it. You can add any image you like and resize it accordingly. Adding text is as easy as typing a regular email. You don’t need to create email templates, but you can focus on sending the email blast and providing helpful content to the receivers.

Flashissue: Drag and Drop in Shared Contacts for Gmail

GDPR Compliance 

Flashissue also makes staying legal while doing email marketing or sending out a non-profit newsletter a lot easier. Many people naturally worry about keeping GDPR compliant. No worries, we won’t go deep into the intricate matters of GDPR compliance in this blog post. That said, we will highlight that Flashissue is GDPR compliant. It gives people the option to remove themselves from your existing mailing list. And in turn, you can then remove their information from your database entirely, which will go a long way in helping your organization maintain GDPR compliance. You can add an unsubscribe link inside the content of your email, pretty much in the same way as you would add any link inside Flashissue.

How you can use Flashissue day-to-day 

The real reason we like Flashissue so much is that it can help our customers send out really professional newsletters with ease, particularly those that are schools or Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) who have money or time constraints. Flashissue is particularly good if you may have only a few dozens or low hundreds of email newsletters to send out. If this is the case, configuring and paying for some of the larger email marketing providers (such as MailChimp) doesn’t make a lot of sense. Just like Shared Contacts for Gmail®, Flashissue also provides a discount for educational institutions, feel free to look at their pricing page and reach out to them for a quote.

Flashissue also allows you to track the open rate of your email newsletter.

Flashissue - track the open rate of your email newsletter

You can access reports on who opened your Gmail newsletter and see what content they find interesting with one click. These reports help you measure what messages are working for you with your audience and become more effective with your marketing.

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