How To Reactivate The Application When The Admin Is Deleted Or Downgraded?

When the Google Workspace or G Suite administrator who has installed Shared Contacts for Gmail® is deleted or downgraded to a non-super admin role: 

In case of deletion of an admin, make sure you first transfer ownership of all the shared contacts label they own.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow the steps below to reactivate Shared Contacts for Gmail® for administrators:

  1. Make sure that the new super admin, installs the marketplace app again on behalf of the whole domain.

    Marketplace > Domain Install button > Select all organizationsinstalling shared contacts for gmail on google marketplace

  2. Open Shared Contacts for Gmail® > Click the share icon of the label to view collaborator status

    clicking share icon on shared contacts for gmail to view collaborators status

  3. Check that all collaborators have a green check mark!

    checking the green check sign for successful collaboration


If users still show as “revoked”

New super admin should go to the admin console, and make sure that the admin is granted for all organizations > Click on the “Sync” button to refresh the data.

Well done for reactivating your account! You can now resume sharing your labels with ease.

If it still doesn’t work after this, contact support.

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