How To Restore Deleted Google Contacts In Google Contacts

Accidentally deleting contacts is an inevitable mistake we all make! Luckily, Google allows their users to restore their deleted Google contacts for up to 30 days, after this time it is permanently deleted from the user’s Trash.

Do you need to restore contacts older than 30 days or need more security for your data? Then take a look to this article  to see how you can keep a backup of your contacts, emails and Drive.  

Time needed: 1 minute.

To restore some, or all your deleted Google contacts, follow these steps below:

  1. Access your Google Contacts and Click into the ‘Trash’ folder.


  2. Once in the Trash folder, you may individually select the contacts you would like to retrieve like so, and then hit “Recover”

    select certain contacts and click recover

  3. Or alternatively, you could select “All” contacts, and then “Recover”

    select all and then click recover

  4. Voila, all deleted contacts have been restored!

    result of restoring deleted contacts

There you have it, so simple!

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