How To Update My Credit Card In Shared Contacts for Gmail®

By default, only the admin that installed Shared Contacts for Gmail® is authorized to access the subscription information and payment pages. If you are a singular user, or the administrator of an organization, follow these simple steps below for access:

Time needed: 1 minute.

  1. Access your Shared Contacts for Gmail dashboard > Click on ‘Subscriptions’ to access the billing page

    go into subscription page

  2. Welcome to the billing page – Click on ‘Payment Information’ > ‘Add’

    payment information

  3. After filling in your credit card details, make sure to select the option to set this card as your default for future payments.

    adding and setting a card as default


What to do if a user, other than the admin, needs to access the payment page?

The admin must send Shared Contacts for Gmail® the email of the user that would like to access the subscription manager page > We will then grant that user Admin or Buyer permission.

Voila, you have successfully updated your credit card credentials. Now, carry on sharing those labels!

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